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Arçelik Mini-L and Kik Connecting Rod Honing Automation Projects

Abstract: It is an automation project that includes connecting rod feeding and receiving operations to the connecting rod honing machine. The connecting rod is prepared for the robot arm to receive with the vibratory feeding bowl. The area where the connecting rod will be placed on the honing machine is fixed by the mechanical fixtur. The robot takes the part with the gripper and takes the part with a single hole honed from the fix type of the honing machine and places the connecting rod brought from the feeding system into that fixture. Then it takes the part with both holes honed from the fixtur on his left and places it on the connecting rod carrying basket on the conveyor. The whole system except the honing machine is included in the project work.

Task in the Project: Project Manager; performing engineering studies on mechanical, electrical-electronic and software, undertaking the execution of the project

Equipment Used in the Project

  • ABB IRB1200 0.9m Payload 5kg

  • Sick S300Mini

  • Schunk Pneumatic Gripper

  • ABB IRC5C Compact Robot Controller

Programs and Software Used in the Project

  • ABB RobotStudio

  • SolidWorks, Gripper Design, Fixture Design

  • SICK CSD, Field Scanner Configuration

  • RAPID Programming Language

Protocol and Options Used in the Project

  • Device-Net



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