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Shredder Assembly Automation Project

Abstract: It is a project that involves the automation of metal pipe choking, adapter driving and ear bending processes in the shredder production area. Compatible for two different shredder models. The system can be controlled via the HMI interface. Choke station; It is the station that performs the choking process for easy mounting of the plastic adapter on the shredder metal foot. It works automatically when the piece is under it. fastening station; The shredder bends the lugs of the metal foot onto the plastic adapter, while at the same time hammering the plastic adapter onto the metal foot. transport station; It carries the shredder from the conveyor to the turntable by holding the inside of the plastic adapter.

Task in the Project: Project Manager; performing engineering studies on mechanical, electrical-electronic and software, undertaking the management of the project

Equipment Used in the Project

  • Schneider TM241CE24T PLC

  • Schneider HMIGXU3512

Programs and Software Used in the Project

  • CFC Programming

  • E-PLAN

  • SolidWorks

  • Schneider SoMachine

  • Schneider Vijeo Designer

  • RS-485 Communication



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