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Tuğçelik 1350 and 1600 Tons Metal Injection Machines Part Receiver Robot Projects

Abstract: It is a factory automation project that takes parts from the metal injection machine and performs the operations that need to be done afterward, according to the scenario. After the metal injection machine finishes the part pressing, the robot arm enters the molds and holds the part. At this time, the SoftMove option is activated. The robot releases itself in the direction of movement of the ejector pins of the injection molding machine. Thus, the metal part is removed from the injection mold. Immediately afterwards, the robot arm holds the part to the quality control station. If there is no problem with the part; The robot sends a command to the injection machine to restart the robot. The robot puts the part into the cooling pool to cool the metal part removed from the machine. Afterwards, the robot places the part on the trim press machine. It takes the finished part in the trim press to the runner crushing press. After this stage, the piece that comes out is left on the product slide by the robot. All the details in the scenario can be easily adjusted by the robot operator with an interface prepared on the robot pendant. For example, all the variables in the robot program, such as the movements of the robot in the cooling water, how many degrees it will perform and how long it will wait, have been prepared in such a way that they can be easily adjusted on the screen.

Task in the Project: Project Manager; performing engineering studies on mechanical, electrical-electronic and software, undertaking the management of the project

Equipment Used in the Project

  • ABB IRB6700 2.85m Payload 150kg

  • ABB CI502

  • Schunk Pneumatic Gripper

  • ABB IRC5 Robot Controller

  • Siemens DP-DP Coupler

Programs and Software Used in the Project

  • ABB RobotStudio

  • SolidWorks

  • RobotStudio Screen Maker

  • RAPID Programming Language

Protocol and Options Used in the Project

  • Profinet

  • Profinet-Profibus Gateway

  • Profibus

  • Robot Pendant Interface

  • ABB WorldZone Option

  • ABB SoftMove Option

  • ABB PathRecovery Option



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